Technology Atmolytics, the analytics package designed for daily use by every healthcare professional.

A new approach to information

Atmolytics is a web-based application designed for computers and tablets. We offer a deployed version to run inside your firewall, with a fully managed cloud implementation coming soon, all built using easy-to-manage Microsoft technologies. Our data platform is currently MS SQL Server but our approach to data (see below) enables us to transfer to other database systems, including open source systems with connectors to big data solutions. As illustrated, these same connectors enable Atmolytics to quickly and easily integrate with your existing EHR, billing, pharma and other databases.


As data is imported into Atmolytics it is transformed into Atmofacts – a new method of representing information that is optimised to support powerful analytics.

Atmofacts and the technological innovations surrounding them that have been pioneered by Imosphere, are the key to Atmolytics’ ease of use, power and flexibility. The end product is a massively scalable new data management technology that opens up a different universe of analytical possibilities.