Software Atmolytics, the analytics package designed for daily use by every healthcare professional.

Atmolytics transforms the way you work with data

Atmolytics is the healthcare analytics platform that gives complete control of information to healthcare professionals. Fun and easy to use, you’ll do things with data in a few minutes that were never previously possible – even with the most advanced tools available. With Atmolytics you can create whatever reports you want, whenever you need them. If you wish to explore the data further you can do it yourself, now.

Atmolytics is different: every screen, every report you produce is unlike anything you’ll have seen before – not just because it has been designed by clinicians for clinicians but because we’ve developed a novel technology to make this possible. Atmolytics gives you the power to explore your data with an ease and sophistication way beyond that available to traditional tools. High level summaries and access to detail are available at will – and every step you take in producing your results is transparently presented back to you, so it is clear how your results have been produced.

Analytics for everyone

Atmolytics is for everyone in your organization: clinicians, decision support, administrators, IT and informatics specialists, researchers and executives. Whether you’re a doctor monitoring your quality of care, a CFO wishing to maximize efficiency, an IT or informatics specialist responding to requests for ad hoc reports, or a clinical researcher evaluating a new treatment, Atmolytics changes forever the way you work with data. Atmolytics will save you valuable time and transform the way you use information to deliver better healthcare.

When they start using Atmolytics, we have seen the attitudes of doctors and nurses to data transform instantly. Within minutes of signing on frontline, doctors and nurses are producing actionable insights into their practice. One thing is for sure: our users will never go back to requesting reports from the IT department again.

We have been humbled and excited by the feedback we have received. Why not get in touch and judge for yourself?