CareCalc is being redesigned

Work has started to give CareCalc a brand-new look and feel. We'll be developing some significant enhancements whilst retaining the simplicity necessary for a tool that is often used alongside a core health, education or social care system.

What's changing?

We'll be delivering many of the improvements you've been asking for, including:

  • To be able to copy forward answers from previous forms
    There'll be a copy forward option when starting a new form which will pre-populate answers from previous forms. This will streamline and simplify reviews including across form versions.
  • Make forms quicker to complete and avoid answering unnecessary questions
    Forms will feature one-click radio button style questions and 'conditional logic' which will auto-fill answers based on preceding answers where appropriate.
  • Make it easier to enter Actual Budgets and make it more obvious when they're missing
    For each form in the list views, the current Estimated Budget will be displayed along with the Actual Budget – and a link to add it if it's missing.
  • Show 'Quality Assurance' feedback more prominently after a calculation request
    On the calculation results screen, 'QA Feedback' where generated will be shown as the first tab, before the Allocation Summary.
  • To be able to hide or delete forms completed as a test or in error
    Users with administrator access will be able to delete any form in the system using a delete button.
  • It would be useful to see change over time for answers over multiple forms
    A 'history' button will be available for each form item to see a graph of change over time.
  • To be able to see a list of forms sorted by ID number and searchable
    New 'My list' and 'Team list' views will list cases by ID number and show the forms completed for each ID, including a filter function.
  • To see only the latest calculation submission for each ID number by default
    Forms will be separated out from calculation results and in the list views, only forms will display – calculation results will be accessible using a 'History' button.

How it will look

We have completed some prototype designs ahead of the development phase to give you an early look at the new version, with upgrades expected to start from autumn 2021.

For more information, please get in touch with your Solutions Consultant.