Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

How does Care Partner save time for our staff?

Going digital with assessments and care planning will reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks, and having all of an individual’s information in one place saves time wasted sorting through filing systems and boxes of paperwork!

Care Partner’s unique and user-friendly UI streamlines and simplifies data entry for clinical staff and means they have more time to spend with the individuals they care for.

  • Pertinent information relating to the people you support is available at a single click through our unique ‘Shift Notes’ functionality, streamlining handover processes whilst maintaining service user safety.

  • Arduous copy and pasting between documents is avoided through our ‘copy-forward’ functionality, allowing information to easily flow between assessments. Not only that, but complex calculations within forms allowing you to calculate risk scores and take action quickly.

  • You can even produce customisable letters from the system, further reducing the administrative burden!