Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

Is it possible for us to pilot the Imosphere tools?

We understand that you may want to try out our tools in a limited way to prove their effectiveness before making a longer-term commitment.

We are therefore offering an ‘Investment Pilot’ approach. This provides access to the required tools for an agreed number of users over an agreed period – for example 10 users over 3 months.

Prior to providing access, we support you with completion of a configuration document (which allows us to locally-configure the tools for your area), deliver a familiarisation workshop to the users involved and agree some ‘success criteria’ with you that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot.

Following completion of the pilot, we work with you to generate the information required to assess the evaluation criteria.

Should you choose to proceed to longer-term use, a reduction is then made to the investment required for full roll-out to ensure that overall spend is not increased where a pilot has taken place.