Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

What reporting and insights can we get from the tools, so we know things are working well?

Every piece of information captured by the forms within our digital platform is automatically integrated into the analytics part of the solution (Atmolytics). For Personal Health Budgets, this enables the national quarterly returns to be produced easily, as well as enabling your performance/quality staff and managers to run pre-configured reports or quickly and easily build their own – using whichever bits of the data they want – with full transparency.

For example, if I wanted to know as a manager how many people last month with a learning disability had PHB allocations that exceeded the budgetary estimate – and which staff had completed their assessments – I could produce this report myself in less than five minutes. In another couple of minutes, I could share the report with colleagues, set it to run every month, and tell the system to email me every time a new person in the system meets the criteria I have set. It enables you to improve quality by managing issues as they arise, not further down the line when it’s too late.