Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

What return will we get if we invest in the Imosphere tools?

We are confident that the return on investment you’ll see will easily outweigh the investment itself.

For an average size CCG:

  • The cost of the product works out at around £2.50/week per PHB holder – and our data shows that significantly more than this can be saved through use of our budget estimation tools without compromising on outcomes or quality – because:
  1. Using highly accurate budget estimation tools inherently saves money by reducing instances of unfair ‘over-allocations’
  2. Using the tools increases the uptake of PHBs where Personal Assistants are used, meaning outcomes can be met to the same quality but at a reduced spend


  • Our estimates show that at least £10,000 per year can be saved on staff time currently spent on unnecessary administrative work which ‘going digital’ with our platform will eliminate.