Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

Will Formulate work within our local IT system?

Formulate is actively used in a number of different national IT providers’ systems, including Liquidlogic LAS, LCS and EHM, Servelec Mosaic, OLM systems and Careworks CareDirector.

Wherever possible, we work closely with suppliers to ensure that the integration solution is as seamless and feature-rich as each system allows.

Our default integration solution is through our centrally-hosted Formulate Web Service. This allows for any system with digital forms functionality to send anonymised data from completed forms to the relevant locally-configured algorithm remotely, and display the resultant budget information to the end user in a few seconds.

The key advantages here are that updates to algorithms are fully in our control and can be carried out quickly and easily and that your data can be made available for you to report on through our analytics platform.