Mental Capacity & DoLS Assessment | FACE Toolsets

Meeting the legal requirements of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, these tools support the implementation of the MCA and DoLS across health and social care.

The FACE Mental Capacity and DoLS Assessment Toolset guides professionals through the process of making a mental capacity decision, ensuring they meet the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act.

The DoLS assessment supports the determination of whether a deprivation of liberty may be occurring. This applies to both care home/hospital deprivation and community deprivation, meaning that applications for authorisation can be approached with confidence.

The toolset supports, rather than complicates, the decision-making process and provides a record of how capacity was assessed, plus any best interest decisions made.

Developed by experts

Developed in partnership with the coauthor of the MCA Code of Practice, legal experts and a wide range of practitioners, including MCA implementation leads.

Compliant with legislation

Ensures the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act are met and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards considered.

Evidence-based and robust

Provides reassurance that your tools will stand up to scrutiny if a serious incident occurs.

Consistent, standardised approach

Provides a consistent and standardised approach to how a person’s information is recorded.

Always up to date

Empower your practitioners with up-to-date tools with no need to spend time designing forms locally.

Eliminates paper-based processes

Available as part of a digital platform or as templates to build into your existing systems.

Who can use it?
  • Local authorities
  • NHS trusts
  • Independent care and support providers
  • Supported housing and living providers
  • Registered care homes
  • Domiciliary care providers
Licence includes:
  • Deprivation of Liberty Screening Assessment
  • Mental Capacity Assessment

Covering all areas recommended by the MCA Code of Practice

  • Involvement of key roles
  • Determination of capacity (two-stage test)
  • Identification of any advance decisions to refuse treatment
  • Determination of best interests
  • Summary of the decision reached

Flexible pricing that scales

Use for as little as £1.37 per day

How many people will your organisation assess per year?

Mental capacity training courses

Delivered by experienced trainers, our courses comprehensively cover best practice in clinical risk assessment and management, filling the gaps within many existing professional qualification courses.

Our courses are designed to bring clinicians up to speed in risk awareness, helping to reduce the number of serious incidents that can occur through poor, uninformed practices.

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