Liquidlogic and Imosphere agree closer working arrangement

Imosphere and Liquidlogic today announced a new, formalised working arrangement to provide Imosphere’s latest personalisation toolkit and analytics to Liquidlogic’s social care and education system customers.

Liquidlogic has been working with Imosphere for over ten years to make Imosphere’s tools available within its Adults’ Social Care System (LAS). This includes templates for first contact, reablement, needs and outcomes assessment and support planning along with the FACE Resource Allocation System (RAS) for social care and integrated personal budgets.

In recent times, Imosphere tools have become increasingly central to customer business processes, supporting integrated health and social care budgets, dynamic commissioning and ‘what if?’ modelling. Recognising the need to deliver strategic benefits at the earliest opportunity, Liquidlogic will be supporting the extensive use and integration of the Imosphere tools and RAS algorithms within their systems faster than ever before. They will also be enabling shared customers to track needs, outcomes and budgets as they change over time using Imosphere’s self-service ‘Atmolytics’ platform.

David Grigsby, Managing Director, Liquidlogic, comments: “This is an exciting opportunity and an important step towards delivering the true potential of our two companies working together to develop an enhanced customer experience. This new arrangement will enable even closer collaboration which will be of great benefit to our customers who want to access Imosphere’s latest solutions via Liquidlogic’s systems.”

Paul Clifford, CEO, Imosphere, says: “Liquidlogic’s powerful forms and integration engines have always been ideal for showcasing the unique benefits of our solutions. We’ve had a great working relationship for a long time and I’m thrilled that we have both recognised the opportunity to work more strategically together to enhance our customer offerings. The new relationship will enable our customers to access the efficiencies and improved outcomes promoted by our tools in a more timely manner and will also enable them to take advantage of the benefits of our next generation self-service analytics platform, Atmolytics.”