Diagnoses can now be linked to Involvements in the latest version of Care Partner

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 22 of Care Partner.

Here are just some of the latest features and updates:

Group and individual calendar

  • Cancel & replan option allows for a specific occurrence of a recurring series to be recreated with different times.
  • The new Clone feature offers rapid recreation and adjustment of existing events.
  • The calendar heatmap day and week markers are now clickable for more specific views.

Involvements and Diagnoses tabs

  • Involvements can now be linked to diagnoses at the point of opening or editing.
  • Diagnoses can be linked to involvements at the point of opening or editing.
  • New option that allows involvements to have more than one associated diagnosis.

To upgrade to V22, please contact our Support Team on 0800 802 1884 or email us at support@imosphere.co.uk.