Version 34 of Care Partner is now available

Version 34 of Care Partner is now available. We've added some great new features and improvements including:


The Workflow functionality allows you to associate activities with specific Events (e.g. referral, initial assessment, support planning, closure), and gives the ability to record validation/approval of activities. This is enabled and configured in the Admin area.

CP v34 Workflows


The new overarching Dashboard view is accessed via the Home icon in the top left corner, and displays key information relating to multiple service users, such as overdue activities, upcoming events and notifications.

CP v34 Dashboard

New question types

Care Partner now supports the use of radio button questions - great for Yes/No questions or where drop-downs are unnecessary…

CP v34 Radio Buttons

…and repeating sections - where sets of questions need completing multiple times, and the number may vary each time.

CP v34 Repeating Sections

Care Partner v34 is compatible with Atmolytics v70, which has many new features, including:

Widespread enhancements to Cohort Insights, including a suite of new Insight options, the ability to compare two cohorts within an Insight and the ability to filter cohorts using Insights.

CP v34 Atmolytics v70

The ability to define a new cohort starting with an existing cohort.

CP v34 Atmolytics v70

To upgrade to v34, please contact our Support Team on 0800 802 1884 or email us at