Significant performance enhancements in version 2021.1 of Care Partner

We're pleased to announce that v2021.1 of Care Partner is now available, with significant performance enhancements. Here are some of the latest improvements:


The first change you’ll notice is the move from semantic to calendar versioning. We’ve chosen to use the format of YEAR / MINOR VERSION / MICRO VERSION. The MINOR number refers to the release number within the year, and the MICRO version the patch number - where this is 0 this will be dropped informally.

This means that what was the V38 release now becomes 2021.1.0.

Auditing improvements

We’ve improved the audit function of Care Partner, making it more efficient, taking up less space on the server, and serving our users’ needs more closely.

We’ve rationalised the number of audit records that get created, focusing on user activity. We’ve also made changes to how audit records are created and stored, meaning you should see some significant performance improvements when using Care Partner, particularly when completing activities.

CP v2021.1 auditing improvements We’ve rationalised the number of audit records created, improving performance across the application.

Performance enhancements

We’ve made some changes to the way form templates load within Care Partner, and on how the progress bar works. There shouldn’t be any change in how you interact with the forms or how they appear on the screen, but it does mean that they will load quicker - we’ve seen around a 30% improvement in loading time for both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

You should notice that all forms (Activities, Other Personal Details and form-based Care Plans) load in less time.

CP v2021.1 Performance enhancements We’ve improved the load time for activities by up to 30%.

Resolved issues

This release sees a number of bug fixes and more general improvements across the application. Details are available in the full release notes.

Please contact your Imosphere project representative to discuss upgrade options.