Staffordshire County Council launches new SEND funding tool

Staffordshire County Council are planning to implement a new education banding tool to allocate funding accurately for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The Formulate product designed by Imosphere makes evidence-based, defensible top up funding decisions and determines the level of funding needed using a configurable banding approach.

The tool accurately captures each child or young person’s holistic needs in a consistent and evidence-based way. Funding can be revisited as and when needs change, ensuring that each child or young person is awarded exactly the right amount of funds they are entitled to.

The introduction of the Imosphere education banding tool will help Staffordshire County Council to make calculations based on the support the student needs to meet their educational outcomes, as detailed in their EHCP. Providing the SEND team with a justifiable decision-making approach that will save them much needed time.

“It’s important to understand the needs of every student to ensure they can reach their potential in life,” says Isabel Howarth, Solutions Consultant at Imosphere. “We believe that by making data easier to capture and analyse, better decisions can be made to improve outcomes and lives. By using our unique platform, the education banding tool provides a fair, equitable and consistent funding mechanism for allocating top up funding.”

The project launched in February 2021, data collection will run from March-May 2021, financial modelling and configuration from June-December 2021 which includes a full consultation with Education Providers, build from November-December 2021, test in January 2022 with a go live planned for February 2022.

Download the press release.