Introducing the new ‘Atmohealth’ version of Atmolytics

The team at Imosphere is pleased to announce the launch of the 'Atmohealth' version of our data discovery and visualization platform, Atmolytics.

The overall goal of the platform is to democratise analytics, offering a radical approach to data that simplifies the aggregation, exploration and visualization of complex, large-scale healthcare data.

It has been developed with the support of EU funding under the Horizon 2020 programme. We’ve worked with several leading clinical research institutions to ensure the platform meets key requirements, including Imperial College London, the Karolinska Institute, the National Centre for Mental Health Wales, and the University of Limerick. Atmohealth

Key features

  • Create system-wide views of healthcare populations: Harmonise data across geographic and service boundaries for a holistic view of your population’s health needs.

  • Highly scalable: Will scale up to millions of patients’ data and down to small local datasets.

  • Self-service functionality: Can help free resources in your informatics team.

  • Feature rich: Powerful cohort discovery and a suite of 16 self-service Apps cover all key bases of healthcare data with unmatched simplicity and depth.

  • Collaborative: Users can share insights and collectively make decisions. Snapshots may be taken of key results which can then be shared with other users and discussed using instant messaging facilities.

  • Scalable devolved data access: The ontology and cohort-driven data governance model enables access to relevant subsets of data to be distributed across the care system as required. Roles may be defined for highly specific purposes.

  • Advanced pseudonymisation: The same data can be both deidentified and identifiable. Data can be pseudonymised upon import or pseudonymised on a per role basis.

  • Easy set up: Our flexible light-touch data import process requires no complex data transformations.

  • Flexible deployment options: We have developed Atmolytics so it can be deployed into cloud providers or on-premise to best suit your needs.