OMOP data mapping services

Common data model and standards to harmonize disparate health data for improved reproducibility and shareability in clinical research.

Faster and more reliable analytics

Imosphere can transform your healthcare data into the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM) for faster, more reliable observational research.

Join a global community network of over 2,000 collaborators across 74 countries. Expand your real-world data access with health records for 810 million unique patients and growing.

Our services

Imosphere has extensive experience and knowledge of mapping data from a variety of source types, including electronic health record (EHR), clinical registries (e.g. hip fracture, renal transplant, stroke patients), clinical and secondary use databases.

Our team can begin to map your project quickly, identifying the priority data that will deliver a usable OMOP database from the first iteration.



Comprehensive source data analysis and mapping to OMOP common data model.


Mapping of source data values to valid OMOP concepts.


Creation of ETL design documentation.


Building transformational ETL from observation healthcare data to a new or existing OMOP database.


Knowledge transfer and best practice training sessions.


Inspection report and certification of suitability for EHDEN/OHDSI studies.

Imosphere is an EHDEN certified SME

Our team has deep-embedded organizational knowledge of the OHDSI open-source tools, best practice and known limitations and issues, allowing you to get set up and establish a functional environment quickly and efficiently.