OMOP data harmonization

As an EHDEN Certified SME, we can help you map your healthcare data to the OMOP Common Data Model.

Are you an EHDEN data partner?

Imosphere can provide various data harmonization services to EHDEN Data Partners. Our team's expertise and significant experience will ensure the successful transformation of your data and the creation of an OHDSI analytical infrastructure.

Our services

Our EHDEN certification means that the cost of our services is funded via grants. These services include:

  • Create new data transformation and analytical infrastructure
  • Revise your existing data transformation and analytical infrastructure
  • Inspect your completed data transformation and analytical infrastructure

Additional analytics support

  • Consultancy on structuring of data collection tools and data structures to support data analysis
  • Provision of a healthcare analytics and data discovery platform for cohort identification, data discovery and visualization of large-scale health data

Equipping you for transformation

In most cases, the scope of the EHDEN-funded grants to transform data to the OMOP Common Data Model only cover a small amount of an organisation's longitudinal clinical data estate. Imosphere builds in knowledge transfer, training and collaboration sessions, supported with clear documentation, giving your organisation the skills and techniques needed to transform your data beyond the life of EHDEN-funded project.

Global projects

We have successfully worked with OMOP CDM early adopters across the globe:

Major US medical college

The project used OMOP as the data repository and included diagnostic, procedural, lab and medication data.

Health sciences

Using OMOP to unify multiple medical data sources into a single database, providing population health analytics on 0.25m patients.

Social determinants of health

Using an OMOP database as the source for a project that combined social determinant data with clinical data.

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