OMOP data mapping services

Common data model and standards to harmonize disparate health data for improved reproducibility and shareability in clinical research.



Cross-institutional collaboration

The use of a CDM integrates medical records across healthcare organizations in a single format so that these data resources can be queried to answer important questions securely and efficiently.


Reliable and reusable

Mappings can easily be copied across different OMOP CDM versions and different data assets while OMOP transformation logic and standardization reduces the possibility of errors.


Accelerated research

Rapidly generate insights with easy access to de-identified data that has been mapped using industry standard vocabularies, enabling your institute to make a greater impact.



Enables fewer people - particularly technical experts - than traditional conversion projects.


Industry standardization

Quickly and consistently apply knowledge, design research and higher quality, reliable analysis using evidence-based best practices.


Secure data sharing architecture

Retain all your data within your firewalls allowing access to global research collaboration through a federated network. Imosphere is HIPAA-compliant and ISO27001 certified.