The new era of healthcare and research
is personalised and data driven.
Our tools and technologies help you realize that vision.

Atmolytics is the collaborative healthcare analytics platform that gives complete control of information to healthcare professionals directly from multiple data sources.

Whether it is multiple organizations wishing to share data for analysis, reporting or individual organizations taking data from multiple sources for reporting and analysis, Atmolytics will meet those needs.

Atmolytics' unique technology and easy to use interface gives you access to the information you want, when you need it, saving you time and freeing up scarce IT resources.

Atmolytics is a new kind of thing, far more than a data visualization platform. Atmolytics enables you to create reports and interact with your data in ways determined by you, the healthcare professional.

Whether your focus is quality of care, research or costs, with Atmolytics you can help you make those critical decisions now – based on intuitive high quality analytics that you produce for yourself.

The Atmohealth Project

Imosphere is part of the Atmohealth Project, a collaborative international project developing a novel cloud-based analytics platform for health and healthcare. The Atmohealth project is leveraging Atmolytics, Imosphere’s radical new analytics platform, in order to take a fresh approach to fundamental issues such as integrating data from multiple sources, the scarcity of specialist informatics expertise, and making data exploration easy for non-technical end users.

Use Atmolytics For:

  • Population health analysis
  • Research
  • Clinical trials
  • Peer group review
  • Quality improvement
  • Performance measurement
  • Outcomes analysis
  • Utilization and financial review
  • Patient satisfaction surveys

...and much more besides!