Strengths-based Toolset for Adult Social Care

A suite of integrated tools aligned to adult social care workflow and the Care Act, which focus on identifying and encouraging the use of strengths and community assets to maximise independence.

Our newly developed self-assessment tool allows individuals to submit details of their social care needs to local authorities online, to support the referrals process, assessment of needs, and estimated budget calculation, where appropriate.

Why use Imosphere’s Self-assessment tool?

  • Developed in collaboration with local authorities across England.
  • Lays the groundwork for the 2025 social care funding reforms.
  • Provides more detailed information at the point of referral, helping local authorities to streamline processes and prioritise more easily.
  • Supports a strengths-based approach, enabling service users to explain their situation and identify the outcomes they would like to achieve, and the resources that are available in their local community.
  • Saves time for both practitioners and citizens, should things proceed to a formal assessment process.
  • Approved by the Plain English Campaign.

How does it work?

The tool is designed to be used within a local authority’s citizen-facing ‘portal’ or website. It has been developed to support local authorities in two key areas:

Strengths and needs assessment

Capturing the individual’s ‘story’ using narrative questions, identifying their strengths, existing support, and new support available within their community. The person goes on to identify their Care Act needs – with the tool indicating whether these meet the eligibility criteria.

Details to inform the estimated budget

A questionnaire to determine the support needed in areas with eligible needs, and levels of unpaid support, to be used later (where needed) to calculate their Estimated Personal Budget.

Request a demo

To find out more, or to view a demonstration video of our self-assessment tool, please get in touch.