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Self-service analytics out of the box

Atmolytics is a 100% self-service data discovery and visualization platform for clinical research, population health management and quality improvement.


A groundbreaking clinical registry platform

Atmoforms is a flexible and user-friendly data capture platform for the efficient management of multiple registries and trials, with full Atmolytics integration.

"Simply amazing!"

Senior Advisor to the President - Technology & Innovation
Assistant Vice President of Research
Meharry Medical College

Single source of truth for your data

Atmolytics integrates data from multiple sources, seamlessly merging clinical, phenotypic, financial and genotypic data.

Explore your data how you want, when you want

With no database or querying skills, you can identify complex cohorts, set-up dashboards, track cohorts over time and conduct in-depth data exploration.

Granular access control and security

Our patented ontology-based security model provides highly granular role-based access control.

Used by leading healthcare providers and research centers
in the US, the UK's National Health Service and the EU


No more waiting in line

Empower your teams with instantly available analytics and visualizations - no need to wait for reports or go back to IT again and again.

Data-based decision-making

Teams can collaboratively explore key issues and take action, safe in the knowledge that all outputs are accurate and fully transparent.

Highly scalable

Atmolytics accommodates both millions of patients' data and small local datasets such as patient surveys. New data sources can be added incrementally.

Watch a demo

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Elegant data capture feeding breathtaking analytics

Atmoforms' easy to use front end enables integrated management of multiple registries. Captured data is instantly visualizable within Atmolytics.

At-a-glance participant dashboards

You can choose which key details of your study participants to display on the participant dashboard.


Streamlined registry enrollment

Immediately identify prospective new participants and auto-import participant data from your EHR or EDW to minimize data entry.

Seamless data capture and analysis