The self-service data discovery and visualization platform for transforming healthcare and accelerating clinical research.

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Atmolytics is used for

Population health analysis

Clinical research

Quality improvement

Performance management

Utilization and financial reviews

Outcome analysis

Peer group reviews

Clinical trials

Next generation system-wide analytics

Atmolytics enables data insights to be easily distributed across single and multiple organizations.

It's 100% self-service, replacing inefficient methods of data analysis and supporting all types of data storage.

See the difference, make a difference

Make better decisions for your population and organization by discovering your own insights and creating personalized dashboards.

Data at your fingertips

It's a true self-service analytics platform with data provenance functionality, allowing you to generate transparent and actionable insights.

Dismantle the data silos

Our unique way of aggregating data from multiple sources makes scalability and accessibility easier than before.

Create and share reports in seconds

Enable automated report sharing and collaboration across organizations, with fully transparent data.

Accelerating innovation

Atmolytics is advancing key elements of new healthcare and research models, such as:

  • The learning health system
  • The integrated care system
  • Precision medicine and personalized care
  • Pluralistic clinical research

Unlimited in-depth data exploration, visualization and reporting

Instant cohort discovery

You can create and explore groups of individuals with any level of complexity, which are instantly available to create reports with.

Dynamic cohort insights

Interactive visualizations relating to your patients' data are immediately presented to you on your home screen.

Large app library

The app library allows you to easily build reports. Step-by-step creation means valuable insights are moments away.

Getting started

Set up takes weeks, not years, and our specialist team will work with you every step of the way.

Atmolytics - An Introduction

Just some of the organizations using Atmolytics