FACE Toolsets

Child & Adolescent Risk Assessment

The UK's only independently validated suite of risk assessment tools and outcome measures for use in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).

Ensuring your practitioners/clinical staff are trained effectively in how to record robust, high quality risk assessments is critical - to ensure that:

  • The likelihood of serious incidents occurring is minimised.
  • Your processes and practice stands up to scrutiny in the event that an incident does occur.

Imosphere provides a range of training courses for users of our Child & Adolescent Risk Assessment Suite which suit all types and sizes of organisations.

Remote learning

  • Course to upskill end users directly

    • £1,150 per course Maximum 15 delegates per course

    This course equips practitioners who will use the tool(s) with the relevant information to enable recording of high quality risk assessments.

  • Course for end trainers

    • £1,350 per course Maximum 15 delegates per course

    This course is designed for individuals with previous experience and confidence as trainers who will be responsible for training others in their organisations. It is the same as the above course but with extra time focused on how to respond to frequently asked questions.

  • 4-day 'Train The Trainer' course

    • 1 x £1,150 plus 3 x £950 = £4,000 per course
      Maximum 4 internal trainers per course
    • ‘Double-up’: 1 x £1,150 plus 6 x £950 = £6,850 per course
      Maximum 8 internal trainers per course

    This course is designed for individuals without previous experience as trainers. It teaches the same material as the end user course whilst gradually upskilling the delegates through supervision/feedback to become confident trainers themselves. A key benefit is that a large number of end users are themselves trained as part of the same course.

Meet the trainers
Steve Weir

Steve is a Social Work Manager with over 25 years of experience in UK statutory services. He has worked primarily in Adult Social Care and Community Mental Health settings within England. As such, he brings a rich and diverse experience of Operational Management within Health and Social Care to the training that he now provides.

Steve project managed the development of a number of FACE Risk Tools whilst working for Imosphere. He has provided Clinical Risk Management training to a large number of organisations, both as direct training for clinical staff and on a “Train the Trainer” basis.

Andrew Wetherell

Andrew has worked in the Mental Health field and the UK Service User Movement since 1994 and his work has included developing self-help support initiatives and managing Advocacy Services. He was Chairperson of the United Kingdom Advocacy Network (1997 ~ 1998) and was a member of the Government’s Independent Reference Group.

Andrew was an Associate Trainer with The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health from 1997 to 2006, where he worked with Steve Morgan and specialised in delivering Clinical Risk Assessment workshops, including “Train the Practitioner Trainer” programmes.

On-site training

Upgrade to on-site training with the following options
  • Level 1

    Location under 2 hours each way by car/train and no/low accommodation cost

    £300 per day on-site

  • Level 2

    Location 2-3 hours each way by car/train and/or moderate accommodation cost

    £425 per day on-site

  • Level 3

    Location 4-5 hours each way by car/train and/or high accommodation cost

    £550 per day on-site

  • Level 4

    Location 6+ hours each way by car/train or flights needed and/or very high accommodation cost

    £800 per day on-site