Formulate for SEND

Education Banding Tool

Ensure fair and transparent allocation of high-needs funding with Formulate for SEND.

Formulate for SEND is a needs-based education banding tool which helps local authorities to fairly and transparently manage top-up funding allocations for young people with special educational needs in a way that is mindful of budgetary pressures.

By using data insights, the solution enables organisations to allocate resources consistently and sustainably, leading to improved educational outcomes for young people with SEND.

Unlike traditional methods, Formulate’s innovative, digital approach ensures fairness now and helps local authorities plan for the future - optimising how they allocate resources for long-term success.

Co-produced with local authorities and schools

Imosphere has worked closely with parents, teachers, SENCOs, headteachers, commissioners, and psychologists to produce Formulate as an easy-to-use tool to transform the way top-up funding is applied for and distributed.

Formulate for SEND digitises the process, making it easier, less frustrating, and more consistent for schools and the LAs.

Trusted by local authorities, including:

Achieving for Children Richmond
RB Kensington & Chelsea
RB Kingston upon Thames
Staffordshire County Council
Wandsworth Council
West Northamptonshire Council