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Healthcare's most powerful cohort discovery platform

Expand your organization's capacity for research, quality improvement, population health, and operational efficiency initiatives with code-free, state-of-the-art data analysis.

Purpose-built by clinicians and data science experts to meet the needs of every evolving healthcare organization, Atmolytics from Imosphere enables you to easily explore, track, share, collaborate, visualize and export your data with ease.



Uncover opportunities and accelerate clinical trials


Limitless cohort discovery of patients and patient populations


Improve quality of care, outcomes and streamline operational efficiency


Easy to scale, tailor and integrate with your current data and IT stack


Over 25 years

Driving digital best practice in healthcare


8 billion

Data points... and growing!


10 million

Patient records... and growing!



Increase in direct clinician access to data

Extract insights in minutes rather than weeks

Atmolytics' self-service data mining capabilities go beyond anything I've previously seen or used. It's helping to provide our users with a complete picture of their population and supporting them to discover powerful insights in hours, not months. In some cases, it's shaving years off their research timelines.

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC - Chief Innovation Officer

Clearsense, LLC

Empower data-driven action across your entire ecosystem from a single platform

Clinical Registries

Unlocking the full potential of disease registries is hampered by unstructured data, lack of trust in data integrity, and the inability to gain timely collaborative access to the data stored in them.

Atmolytics standardizes and improves the integrity of registry data. Researchers have direct access to a more holistic view of high quality, more reliable data, that can be easily and securely shared.

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Population Health Analytics

Value based, health equity and care standardization initiatives require access to a 360-degree view of heterogeneous patient data from disparate siloed data sources.

Atmolytics assembles and harmonizes patient data, including socioeconomic, behavioral, and geographic data, making it easy to explore by both technical and non-technical users.

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Clinical Trials and Studies

Anonymous identification of candidates with complex clinical criteria for trials and studies, as well as exploring and tracking cohorts once they are IRB approved, is an informatics resource intensive and time-consuming process.

Atmolytics enables self-service cohort discovery, exploration, tracking and sharing, and incorporates honest broker functionality. Users can be granted granular role access to accommodate proper governance, while accelerating the pace of research.

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Business Intelligence

Putting BI, data, discovery and visualization into the hands of all people who can make a difference – no matter their technical or IT skill level.

Healthcare administrators can understand the bigger picture of healthcare delivery to make better decisions.

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Used by informaticists, researchers, clinicians and administrators

  • Accelerate research and its translation to improved outcomes, care quality and cost efficiency
  • Empower collective insight to inspire more effective models of care
  • Enable a higher volume of studies, trials, and research funding
  • Optimize informatics infrastructure and human resource required to enable it
  • Deploy rapidly with minimum budgetary risk
  • Scale easily from tactical application to strategic large-scale distributed environment