Healthcare data discovery and analytics for researchers and healthcare professionals

Imosphere offers a self-service analytics platform, Atmolytics, that can explore, prepare and visualize your healthcare data more easily than ever before

Major applications include

Population Health

Provides unique population health data analytics, helping you design higher quality and efficient services.

Clinical Registries

Build tailored clinical registries and analyze your datasets in a single environment.


Speeds up the ability of researchers to identify patients and gain approval for clinical trials and studies.

Business Intelligence

Putting healthcare BI data discovery and visualization into the hands of people who can make a difference.

Support for COVID-19 tracing

Atmolytics is being used to identify patients who have been in contact with healthcare professionals diagnosed with COVID-19.

Used by informatics teams, data experts and non-technical end users

  • Easy to use, with no database or querying skills needed
  • Gain actionable insights across your organization's data
  • Create system-wide views of healthcare populations
  • A single source of truth for your healthcare data
  • Build trust in your analysis, reporting and decisions
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Used across healthcare, research centers and universities in the US, the UK's NHS and the EU

Atmolytics' self-service data mining capabilities go beyond anything I've previously seen or used. It's helping to provide our users with a complete picture of their population and supporting them to discover powerful insights in hours, not months. In some cases, it's shaving years off their research timelines.

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC - Chief Innovation Officer

Clearsense, LLC

Over 25 years' experience in healthcare data capture, analysis and visualization

We're a specialist provider of healthcare data analysis and data capture systems. We have worked with complex healthcare data for over 25 years, supporting healthcare professionals and researchers to improve people's lives.

Case studies

Implementing a clinical registry ecosystem for a Comprehensive Cancer Center

Imosphere has been working with a leading cancer research institute in the US, to implement a next-generation data ecosystem to support their clinical registry teams in accelerating clinical research.

Atmolytics supporting an 'Honest Broker' system at leading Cancer Research center

A cancer research center has implemented Atmolytics to support an 'Honest Broker' system which is speeding up the ability of researchers and Principal investigators to identify patients that meet the criteria for a clinical study or trial.

Meharry Medical College accelerates research & transforms patient care with data science

Clearsense, a key partner of Imosphere, used Atmolytics' technology to help Meharry Medical College launch a data science institute and drive predictive insights for underserved patients in fewer than 24 months.

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By storing King's College London's data into Atmolytics, we were able to deliver reproducible research with increased transparency and trust.

Postgraduate Research Lead - School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences

King's College London

Bring in data from multiple sources

Data can come from an unlimited number of data sources with additional datasets/data sources added incrementally as required.

Data can include standard nationally-available datasets (e.g. SUS, OMOP, HIEs) and/or local data from across the care system, e.g. clinical data from acute EHRs, primary care, social care and mental health data, financial data, and research datasets.

What makes Atmolytics different?

Healthcare aware

Built specifically for healthcare by clinicians and data science experts.


Doesn't require IT or technical skills to use.

Cohort discovery

Identify patients with complex clinical criteria.


Scales across organizations and their data.

Cohort tracking

Tracks trends with real-time notifications of joiners and leavers.

Full access control

Comprehensive security model for access to patient data.

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