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Atmolytics puts self-service healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) data discovery and visualization into the hands of people who can make a difference.

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Atmolytics for healthcare BI

Business Intelligence in healthcare is crucial to ensuring clinical performance and patient outcomes continually improve during a time of uncertain and ever evolving health economies.

Atmolytics helps you unify your patient, financial and operational data, so your team can easily explore, analyse and make better decisions on how to improve your operational performance and patient care.

Why choose Atmolytics for BI?

A limitation of many BI tools is that they are not designed to cater to the very specific requirements of healthcare.
So what makes Atmolytics different?

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Healthcare aware

Built specifically for healthcare by healthcare professionals and data science experts.

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Unlimited data discovery

Empowers users to explore data from many different angles and directions without limitation.

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Fully self-service

Designed to be used by everyone in your organization. No database or querying skills needed.

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Track your cohorts

Assess the impact of interventions by easily tracking and reporting the impact of changes in practice.

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Full access control

A comprehensive security model for restrictive access to operational, financial and patient data.

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Collaborate with ease

Capture, annotate and share your key findings, helping expedite decision making.

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Patients at the heart

Developed with healthcare organizations to ensure patients remain at the heart of our work.

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Out of the box reporting

Supports medical concepts out of the box such as length of stay, readmission and survival rates.

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Atmolytics recognises major clinical coding systems such as ICD, LOINC, and READ.

  • BI analytics for everyone
    Atmolytics is out-the-box and fully self-service. It's used by technical and non-technical users so it's accessible to everyone in the organization who needs it.

  • Unlimited, flexible data discovery
    Unlike standard BI tools and dashboards, where exploration is limited to the range of variables included within the dashboard, Atmolytics empowers users to explore data from many different angles and directions.

  • Bringing your BI data to life
    Its easy to use data discovery, visualization and reporting features makes it easier for directors, CFOs, COOs, doctors and medical professionals to access a single-source of truth, share information and make decisions.
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Straight-forward access control

Atmolytics security controls allow users to see only the data they are allowed to see. It’s simple to permit one user to see all patients and another user to see just a very tightly defined subset of patients.

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