Atmolytics supporting an ‘Honest Broker’ system at leading cancer research center

A leading cancer research center in the US has implemented Atmolytics to support an 'Honest Broker' system which is intended to speed up and improve the ability of researchers and principal investigators to identify patients that meet the criteria for a clinical study or trial.

Atmolytics enables their team to explore a de-identified broader cohort of patients, which empowers them to carry out initial analysis in a friction free-process. Researchers can now select the patients who meet the criteria, then gain approval from the IRB (Internal Review Board) for their study/trial and finally gain access to patient information required.

In the past, this has been an arduous task for IT as the query writing and process took up a lot of time and did not always deliver satisfactory results.

Data being hosted

  • Demographics
  • Zip codes
  • Secondary care data (inpatients, ER) such as vital signs
  • Diagnosis - ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-O-3
  • Medications - ATC
  • Labs - LOINC
  • Procedures - ICD-9-PCS, CPT

The results

  • Users can blend clinical code systems, medical events and demographic attributes together.
  • Researchers can identify patients anonymously within Atmolytics and efficiently produce a list for IRB approval.
  • The team can easily produce a list of patients that have consented to being part of a research study (General Research Consent Protocol).
  • Users can quickly identify target populations without having to know querying languages or rely on the organization’s technical staff.
  • Allows researchers to discover what additional datasets and patient characteristics are available using the patient identifiers that they have access to following IRB approval.
In numbers
  • 500,000 Patients
  • 8 million Secondary cancer admissions
  • 100 million Clinical observations