Clinical Registries

Accelerate clinical research by building tailored clinical registries with the ability to analyze and visualize complete datasets in a single, self-service environment.

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Managing clinical registries

When managing clinical registries, organizations face several critical challenges in collecting, organizing, and visualizing the large amount of patient data added to these registries each day.

These challenges range from not gaining an holistic view of their data, little data standardization across source data systems, the use of ineffective data collection tools, a lack of data access and fragmentation of the data across multiple data stores and data formats.

Our solution

  • Gain 360° patient views by integrating multiple datasets with the EHR data
  • Improve the workflow for the collection and distribution of datasets
  • Harmonize common data concepts across clinical source data
  • Access insights from unstructured data such as doctor's notes
  • Identify patient cohorts potentially eligible for research
  • Collaborate across multiple research projects with ease
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Registry use cases

Data confidence

Our ontology manager automates the creation of standardized forms and data schemas. Items that are coded for use in one registry are available for use in others, reducing duplication and creating consistency across the organization in how information is captured.

As data is cleaner and easier to query, self-service analysis and visualization of the data becomes easier across multiple registries giving confidence and understanding of the data at an organizational level.

Registry use cases

Efficient data capture

Data capture is designed to allow teams to efficiently supplement and update patient-level data.

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Straightforward data access

Gain instant access to each patient's clinical data and track them throughout the course of their treatment.

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Self-service data discovery and analytics

Analysts can create their own visualizations in minutes and build cohorts without any requirement to query databases.

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Track and assess patient medication pathways

Assess the impact of differing medication pathways on test results for patients with similar condition characteristics.

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Case Study

Implementing a clinical registry ecosystem for a Comprehensive Cancer Center

Imosphere has been working with a leading cancer research institute in the US, to implement a next-generation data ecosystem to support their clinical registry teams in accelerating clinical research.