Consultancy and support

Nearly 30 years of expertise in data science, analytics, and digitising clinical processes.

Dedicated consultancy and support services

We offer a comprehensive data discovery, visualization and analytics service for healthcare organizations, providing scaled distributed access either to standard national datasets or data from local databases.

Our team’s background in healthcare informatics goes back nearly 30 years.

Our technical and domain experts will work with you to both clean the data and take advantage of the opportunities it presents to uncover insights and improve the quality and efficiency of care.

We recognise that each customer will have their own unique requirements and we’re highly experienced in supporting the delivery of our analytics solutions to organizations with ranging levels of requirements, data sources and structures.

Working with us, you'll receive

  • Dedicated analytics consultancy and project management support
  • Data import, validation and cleaning before your data is imported
  • An organization-wide data dictionary that's automatically generated
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Extensive configuration support to meet your requirements
  • A variety of training options
  • An online customer knowledge base
  • Help desk support

Book a free consultation

As part of your free, no-obligation consultation, one of our experts will spend time with you to discuss your data analytics challenges and evaluate your requirements.

We'll also demonstrate use cases and provide advice on best practices based on our years of experience working with healthcare data and analytics.