Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about our products and their functionality.

What makes Atmolytics different from other analytics platforms?

The unique way in which the data is coded within the database is what makes Atmolytics such a powerful data discovery tool. The same data from multiple sources can be coded in the same way, so that the user can see all answers from a single operation. This, paired with a dynamic and minimalist user interface, makes data discovery simple and easy for non-technical users to achieve the reporting outputs they have not been able to do before.

  • Uniquely designed to be easy to use, with no database or querying skills needed.
  • Offers unmatched cohort discovery functionality supporting collaborative data exploration and analysis for population health management and clinical research.
  • Enables automated report sharing and collaboration across organizations, with fully transparent data.
  • Offers comprehensive control of access to sensitive patient data including by data element and source.
  • Permissions control if identifiable data can be viewed.