Coming Soon: Atmolytics Cohort Insights Discovery Dashboard Upgrade

This summer, Atmolytics users will enjoy new, improved features when creating customized dashboards. Delivering faster insight discovery with our ground-up redevelopment of our insight wizard, this update brings a significant upgrade to our health and research analytics platform.

As part of Imosphere’s ongoing commitment to improving its analytics offering, the latest version of Atmolytics’ Cohort Insights Wizard streamlines and simplifies users’ experience, further accelerating research and improvements to care quality.

The update will enable users to create, visualize and share key insights via an instinctive dashboard, all in a matter of clicks.

The project introduces a range of feature upgrades that will not only make insight discovery a faster and more intuitive experience, but also pay further productivity and care quality dividends to partner organizations.

New features under the hood
  • Spotlight data insights
  • Accelerated data discovery and insight creation
  • More accessible - users guided to cohort insights by intuitive prompts
  • Educates users on the structure of their data
New global search function
  • More extensive search function
  • Rankings to give prominence to relevant items 
  • Faster discovery
Smarter dashboard visualization
  • Collate and visualize data in interactive visual dashboards in minutes
  • Make and visualize related, comparable insights
  • Simplified report creation and sharing

Mark Robinson, Imosphere’s Chief Technical Officer, explained the core principles guiding the latest evolution of the Atmolytics platform:

“The healthcare industry is relentless in its ongoing evolution, so we always look to evolve Atmolytics in lockstep with the needs and wants of our partners who include leading government, public health and clinical research institutions.

“We paired the learnings we have taken from their regular feedback with our own deep, UX-led analysis to create an even more streamlined insight discovery journey, proactively guiding users through their data and to the insights they seek in a quicker and more intuitive way.

“This version is more accessible and accelerates discovery and visualization in the dashboard beyond the impressive levels already achieved by Atmolytics. The updates will deliver significant further productivity benefits but, importantly, also speed up research and the identification and implementation of vital care improvements.”

The latest version of the Cohort Insights Wizard will be rolled out to all new and existing user organizations this Summer and can be applied to all of their existing insights.

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