Our Partners

Our global partnerships are bringing together the best of healthcare technology, analytics and consulting.

Image: Allscripts

Imosphere and Allscripts are offering a consolidated population health management solution to support the identification of at-risk patients and help close gaps in care to improve patient outcomes.

Allscripts is a global leader in healthcare technology, providing EPR, population health and precision medicine solutions that are smarter, more connected and alive with possibilities.

Image: Orion Health

Imosphere and Orion Health are working in close collaboration offering a global Population Health Management solution that enables the delivery of a sustainable health and care system that maximizes health outcomes and reduces health inequalities.

Orion Health is a global company delivering technology solutions for interoperability, smarter hospitals, PHM and precision medicine.

Image: Clearsense

We have partnered with Clearsense to provide self-service analytics to leading medical and research organizations in the US.

Clearsense provides organizations with the ability to unlock the power of their disparate data sources to lower costs, increase revenue and improve outcomes.

Image: AIMES

Our analytics and care management solutions can be hosted by AIMES.

AIMES is an accredited and approved NHS N3 Aggregator entrusted by NHS Digital to monitor and maintain security of organizations connecting to the NHS N3 Network.

Join our partnership network

We continue to invest heavily in partnerships across the globe as we view them as playing a critical role in our product development and growing user base. As a member of Imosphere's partnership network, your company will benefit from working with leading edge analytics technologies supporting institutions and governments to gain meaningful insights from their data.