Our technology

Learn how our unique, interoperable technology is enabling everyone to have limitless data discovery at their fingertips.

How it enters

Our system is controlled by an extensible reference ontology, published by a central ontology manager. This determines what data is permitted to enter the system.

Data enters via:

  • Data lakes
  • Enterprise data warehouses
  • Separate sources across an organisation or system
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Importing data

All types of data can be imported into Atmolytics. These can be from an unlimited number of data sources and be added incrementally with minimum effort.

Data can include standard, nationally-available datasets such as SUS and HIEs. Local data can also be added, including common clinical data from acute EHRs, primary care, social care, mental health, financial and research datasets.

Data staging

Built on a Microsoft stack.
Data is validated on ingestion.
Patient data is held across multiple physical databases (sharded) for scalability.
Exceptional control around controlling the access to data.

Multi-level security

  • Restrict which patients or citizens are seen by users
  • Restrict which datasets users have access to
  • Restrict access to specific data owners (e.g. data from a specific organization or provider)
  • Restrict access to sensitive functionality (e.g. viewing PHI or financial data)

Semantically coded data

  • All data is represented from an ontology
  • Data is presented as user friendly terminology
  • Concept harmonization
  • Data integrity and validation
  • Auto generated system wiki
  • Ability to grow organically with needs

A seamless journey from design to analytics

Major applications include

Clinical Registries

Atmolytics is a user-friendly analytics platform that helps informatics and registry research teams accelerate their research by years.


Atmolytics speeds up the ability of researchers to identify patients and gain approval for clinical trials and studies.

Population Health

Atmolytics provides population health analytics to plan services and target patient cohorts to improve health outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Atmolytics puts self-service healthcare BI data discovery and visualization into the hands of people who can make a difference.