Population Health Analytics

Atmolytics provides unique population health data analytics, helping you design higher quality and efficient services.

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Delivering distributed and powerful self-service population health analytics to everyone within an organization or system

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Discover, share, act

  • Identify patients at risk of certain conditions.
  • Explore and identify gaps in care.
  • Track key disease markers for patient cohorts.
  • Evaluate the impact of new models of care.
  • Identify unexpected variations and outliers.
  • Monitor needs and outcomes.
Atmolytics software on laptop

Distribute access

Atmolytics enables data insights and exploration to be easily distributed across single and multiple organizations.

Atmolytics software on laptop

Explore with ease

You and your team can easily identify targeted clinical populations of interest with or without any technical background.

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Atmolytics software on laptop


Capture, annotate and share the most important parts of your findings, helping expedite decision making.

Atmolytics software on laptop

Create system-wide views

Atmolytics offers homogeneous views of clinical, social, financial, demographic, genotypic and geographical insights.

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Atmolytics has been deployed as a front end for the South London Stroke Registry, providing sophisticated data exploration, visualization and interactive analytics.

Postgraduate Research Lead - School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences

King's College London

Bring in data from multiple sources

Data can come from an unlimited number of data sources with additional datasets/data sources added incrementally as required.

Data can include standard nationally-available datasets (e.g. SUS, OMOP, HIEs) and/or local data from across the care system, e.g. clinical data from acute EHRs, primary care, social care and mental health data, financial data, and research datasets.

Case Study

Meharry Medical College accelerates research and transforms patient care with data science

Clearsense, a key partner of Imosphere, used Atmolytics' technology to help Meharry Medical College launch a data science institute and drive predictive insights for underserved patients in fewer than 24 months.