Public Health Surveillance

Atmolytics is being used by healthcare systems and data science institutes to rapidly respond to the critical challenges created by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The right decisions at the right time

For healthcare providers, a pandemic creates unique, once in a generation challenges. These can range from huge disruptions to supply chains, major staff shortages, critical demands for hospital beds and shortages of drugs, equipment and testing kits.

Atmolytics can help solve many of these unpredictable challenges by enabling clinicians, decision makers and managers, with or without IT or technical skills, to generate evidence and insights so that the right decisions are made at the right time.

Support for COVID-19 tracing

Atmolytics is being used to identify patients who have been in contact with healthcare professionals diagnosed with COVID-19.

Supporting public health emergency
response and recovery

  • Report on mission-critical data to respond to outbreaks
  • Identify vulnerable and at-risk patients for priority care
  • Segment patients by risk to help manage capacity
  • Track patients in contact with staff diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Reduce readmissions by improving patient monitoring
  • Monitor bed capacity to help reassign resources

Supporting 'Track and trace'

Identify patients in contact with staff diagnosed with COVID-19

Track admissions and conditions

Track high risk groups in relation to COVID-19 and their emergency admission rates

Monitor survival rates

Monitor and segment COVID-19 survival rates for patient populations

Explore social outcomes of infections

Explore social and health inequalities of your population impacted by the pandemic

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