15 Years Strong: How Imosphere Continues to Support Waltham Forest’s Adult Social Care Transformation

Imosphere is pleased to announce that long-standing customer Waltham Forest Council has upgraded to version 9 – the latest version of the Strengths-based Toolset for Adult Social Care.

The upgrade marks a significant milestone in enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction for the Council. We recently discussed the upgrade with Laura Philips, Head of Adult Social Care Reforms, who reflected on the upgrade journey and gave valuable insights into how the Imosphere tools have played a pivotal role in driving positive change and propelling the borough towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Transforming Social Care: The 15-Year Impact of Formulate in Waltham Forest

Formulate is Imosphere’s dynamic budget calculation solution that has revolutionised the way social care services are delivered and managed. London Borough of Waltham Forest have been using Formulate for almost 15 years. In this time, Formulate has played a significant role in streamlining processes and improving service delivery for the Council. Formulate has empowered practitioners to navigate complex scenarios with ease and provide tailored support to residents. The tool has transformed the way practitioners engage with data, enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver impactful interventions.

Transformative upgrade to address identified needs and achieve goals

The upgrade to version 9 was motivated by the Council’s desire to align with best practices and optimise service delivery. “Our focus is on establishing clear pathways and adopting a strengths-based approach to empower residents throughout their journey,” Laura explained. “We are committed to streamlining processes and ensuring equitable access to support and care for all – we identified that version 9 would allow us to meet our goals so it was an easy decision for us”.

For Waltham Forest, the upgrade process itself was more than simply moving from one version to the next. It allowed the team to think about what’s going on behind the algorithms, reviewing configurations, and looking at rates in a disciplined way. They identified outliers through a benchmarking exercise which has been beneficial for them in understanding their processes and their offerings.

Of the support provided by Imosphere, Laura comments: “We were utterly blown away at the patience, commitment and endurance of the Imosphere Team during the upgrade process – it was nothing short of remarkable. Their responsiveness and genuine understanding of our needs have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and maximising the benefits of the new platform”.

Embracing change and impacting service quality

Waltham Forest went live with V9 only a few weeks ago, but practitioners have embraced the new version with enthusiasm, recognising its potential to drive positive change and elevate the quality of support provided to residents. “We are thrilled by the overwhelming support from our practitioners,” Laura stated. “Their enthusiasm to embrace change and explore new possibilities has been truly inspiring.”

As well as streamlining processes, Laura comments that the use of V9 will also support the LA’s CQC inspections, by having robust processes, proving that the care and support they offer is equitable and embeds the strengths-based approach.

Councillor Louise Mitchell, Cabinet Member for Adult Services at Waltham Forest, commented: “Waltham Forest Council remains committed to leveraging technology and best practices to support its journey to enhance our strengths-based approach and ensure equitable access to quality care for all individuals. Our work with Imosphere is a significant step in this journey and we’d like to thank them for their support”.

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