Enabling Strengths-based Forms & Workflows

Does your Local Authority want to ensure its forms and workflows underpin a strengths-based culture whilst remaining Care Act compliant?

Strengths-based culture in adult social care is gaining huge traction in Local Authorities across the country. This is leading to some great success stories – but also an increase in judicial reviews which are exposing failures by some areas in ensuring the legal principles of the Care Act in relation to assessment and personal budgets are followed.

Getting workflows, tools and forms right can ensure that social work practitioners are enabled and empowered to work effectively and defensibly within this ever-changing environment.

By booking a free consultation, one of our experienced consultants will spend time with your practitioners and managers, listen to any challenges around current workflows and bottle-necks, and provide insights into best practices taking place around the country.

We will spend up to four hours with you and your team looking at:

  • Your Local Authority’s ambitions and what it’s aiming to achieve
  • Your current forms and workflow in relation to Care Act principles and any existing pain points
  • Best practices and approaches being adopted by other LAs
  • The latest tools that may help fill the gaps

These free consultations are available to any Local Authority.

To book a consultation, please complete the form on our consultation enquiry page.

Free consultations available to any Local Authority