Imosphere and Liquidlogic Partnership Update

Liquidlogic and Imosphere are pleased to announce that Version 9 of Imosphere's Strengths-based Toolset and 'Formulate' Personal Budgets solution is now available for use within the Liquidlogic Adults' Social Care System (LAS).

Local authorities can also now purchase the Imosphere solutions for Adult Social Care directly through Liquidlogic – freeing up in-house resources and accelerating the procurement process. There are also plans in the future to extend this arrangement to other Imosphere solutions, supporting local authorities to easily buy and use Imosphere tools across adult social care, children’s social care and SEND.

What solutions do Imosphere offer for Adult Social Care?

Imosphere has been working with a large group of local authorities over the last 10-15 years on the development and refinement of:

  • A suite of ‘off-the-shelf’ but locally tailorable forms which align with the end-to-end process from contact through to support planning and review for both adults with care needs and carers – known as the Strengths-based Toolset. These tools are ready-built for use within LAS for Liquidlogic customers and include built-in copy forward facilities to ensure data captured once is used again where relevant.

  • The most accurate, widely used and locally configurable Resource Allocation System available – known as Formulate. The tool supports budgetary decision-making processes for both adults and carers with eligible needs and the implementation includes detailed analysis of current care allocation patterns and practice locally to highlight issues and areas for improvement.

Implemented together, the Imosphere Strengths-based Toolset and Formulate solutions are designed to help local authorities leverage a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Aligning with the principles of the Care Act and meeting national reporting requirements
  • Ensuring personal budget allocations are fair, consistent and aligned with local care costs
  • Promoting a focus on maximising strengths and identifying community assets
  • Reduction of time spent on duplicate data entry, in ‘panel’ meetings, and maintaining local forms
  • Benefitting from using best practice digital forms developed alongside many other LAs
  • Better support for unpaid carers
  • Using data to add intelligence to digital workflows (where Liquidlogic’s Smart Flow is used)
  • Being as prepared as possible for the 2025 funding reforms and Independent Personal Budgets

Local authorities who use the Imosphere solutions will be connected to a large number of other councils to spread good practice – with Imosphere actively facilitating joint initiatives. An inclusive benchmarking comparison service can also be leveraged, to facilitate the comparison of local configuration decisions with other areas.

Online Self-assessment

Resources within local authorities are undoubtedly stretched, and the 2025 funding reforms are likely to exacerbate this situation.

Version 9 of the Imosphere solution introduces a new ‘Online assessment tool’. The online tool can be deployed within the Liquidlogic Autonomy Portal, providing the option for people with care needs (or their representatives) to ‘self-serve’ online – and for this data to then flow through into LAS to inform and pre-populate relevant workflows – including pre-configured links into the new LAS Smart Flow functionality once this has been released.

The Imosphere online tool is a key strategy to help local authorities better manage existing demands in the short to medium term, and to prepare for the 2025 funding reforms and Independent Personal Budgets.

If you have any question or would like to book a demo, please get in touch.

How can Liquidlogic customers request the V9 tools?

All licensed Imosphere customers can request the new V9 tools via a Jira ticket – and should quote IASC-14011 in the request.

Importantly, existing Imosphere customers upgrading from a previous version must ensure that they work with Imosphere to complete a ‘Form Configuration’ template first – and attach this to their Jira request, so that Liquidlogic can pre-configure the forms with the required functionality options before supplying.

All Imosphere customers should also ensure that they conduct appropriate testing of the V9 tools within their own LAS test environment before deciding to take them into their live LAS system, as every customer’s LAS configuration is different.

Non-Liquidlogic Customers

Imosphere tools will continue to be readily available to all local authorities and can be easily implemented across most systems used. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and find out how Formulate can support your local authority to ensure fair, accurate, and consistent budgets.