Imosphere formally releases the V9 Adult Social Care Strengths-based Toolset

We're pleased to announce the formal release of Version 9 of the Imosphere Strengths-based Toolset.

The Toolset builds on V8 and facilitates a conversational approach between local authorities and the people who use their services – including adults with care needs and carers. These conversations are proportionate to need and aim to identify strengths, challenges, outcomes and, if necessary, an accurate personal budget.

V9 of the Toolset also introduces a new tool – the Self-assessment – the content of which can be deployed by LAs who use a ‘Citizen portal’ – providing the option for people with care needs (or their representatives) to ‘self-serve’ online. This is a key strategy to help LAs in managing the increased demand expected due to the 2023 funding reforms.

Our customers will be contacted directly by their Imosphere Solutions Consultant, to make arrangements to upgrade to Version 9 and supply them with key pieces of documentation.

What’s next?

Formulate Version 9 is currently in development and the release is planned to happen in two stages:

  • Firstly to update the algorithms for adults with care needs and carers for compatibility with the new V9 Needs Profiles and introduce some new features that have been requested by customers recently. We expect to make this available in November 2022.

  • Secondly to ensure Formulate can be used to calculate Independent Personal Budgets as well as estimating Personal Budgets for adults with care needs. We expect to make this available for April 2023 following the early implementation work with two of the Government trailblazers.

Want to know more?

If your organisation does not already use Formulate for Adult Social Care, please get in touch for more information or to arrange a demo.

Imosphere V9 Adult Social Care Strengths-based Toolset