Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Atmolytics accelerates the identification of qualified candidates, increasing the number of clinical trials and research studies.

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A frictionless process for clinical trials/studies approval, supporting

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  • Identify targeted clinical populations of interest without any technical background.
  • Accelerate productivity for PI's, researchers and informatics teams using self-service cohort identification and dashboards.
  • Access richer insights with a 360 degree view of each candidate.
  • Shorten the time to complete submissions for studies and trials by using a suite of collaboration tools.
  • Gain faster IRB approval by enabling efficient workflows.
  • Increase research funding by expediting the identification of eligible candidates.
Atmolytics software on laptop


Quickly identify potential participants anonymously and efficiently produce a list for IRB approval.

Atmolytics software on laptop


Track eligible candidates over time and receive daily emails about changes in size, joiners and leavers.

Tracked cohort device in Atmolytics software on laptop
Atmolytics software on laptop


Snapshots can be taken of key results which can then be shared and discussed across teams.

Atmolytics software on laptop

See each step

For greater transparency you can see detailed views of the steps applied against the data that meets the criteria for candidate identification.

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Case Study

Atmolytics supporting an 'Honest Broker' system at leading Cancer Research center

A cancer research center has implemented Atmolytics to support an 'Honest Broker' system which is speeding up the ability of researchers and principal investigators to identify patients who meet the criteria for a clinical study or trial.