FACE Toolsets

Child & Adolescent Risk Assessment

The UK's only independently validated suite of risk assessment tools and outcome measures for use in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).

The Child & Adolescent Risk Assessment Suite (CARAS) solves many day-to-day challenges of clinical risk assessment and management as it's tried and tested, independently validated, and designed specifically for CAMHS in the UK.

It provides reassurance to senior managers, staff and service users as it's evidence-based, always up-to-date, and already used by many healthcare professionals and independent care providers across the country.

Independently validated

Developed in collaboration with the University of Durham and CAMHS practitioners.

Developed for CAMHS in the UK

Specifically designed to support young people in the UK experiencing mental health issues.

Minimises duplication and repetition

Flexible form completion means you’ll only complete the relevant forms and information.

Evidence-based and robust

Provides reassurance that your tools will stand up to scrutiny if a serious incident occurs.

Supports case prioritisation

Up-front risk screening enables case prioritisation supporting the Choice and Partnership Approach.

Eliminates paper-based processes

Available as part of a digital platform or as templates to build into your existing systems.

Who can use it?


  • Regional inpatient centres

  • Independent hospitals

  • Care and support providers

  • Youth offending institutions

  • Secure accommodation
Licence includes:
Screening, Management and Planning:
  • Young Person's Risk Profile
Focused Schedules:
  • A&E or General Hospital Assessment
  • Aggression Risk
  • Vulnerability Risk
  • Sexual Harm Risk
  • Aggression in Psychosis Risk
  • Self-harm/Suicide Risk
  • Eating Disorder Risk
  • Learning Disability Risk
  • Ward Open
  • Ward Secure

The CARAS is a vital part of our assessment and formulation and often forms the basis for our interventions with young people.

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