Self-assessment updated to enable local authorities to better support their citizens

Imosphere is pleased to announce a new version of our Self-assessment form, supporting local authorities (LAs) to meet the increasing demand for assessments, by allowing citizens to submit details of their own needs to help determine their eligibility for support.

Since its initial release in August 2023, the form has undergone several consultations, including:

  • Consultation with the Plain English Campaign to ensure the language throughout the form is clear and concise for citizens.

  • Consultation with a Working Group formed by Imosphere providing a forum to share information and learning, including seven Local Authorities: Bracknell Forest Borough Council, Cheshire East Council, Herefordshire Council, Norfolk County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Slough Borough Council and Suffolk County Council.

  • Local consultations and co-production events such as citizen, carer and practitioner engagement sessions, led by local authorities.

Feedback from the above activities has been collated and used to evolve and improve the Self-assessment form.

A focus on resources, prevention and well-being

The new version makes it easier for citizens to access resources, information and advice about their needs and outcomes. A locally configurable information and advice page is presented to the citizen at an earlier stage, after they have answered some initial questions. This provides them with easier access to helpful resources and preventative support, regardless of their eligibility for funded support. More detailed questions about the citizen’s needs and assets have been moved to the second part of the form, so they only need to complete those after an indication of their potential eligibility.

Improved accessibility

Accessibility improvements mean that citizens should find the questions easier to understand and complete. Plain English terminology has been applied throughout the form, with questions and guidance reworded, additional guidance provided to add relevance to all care groups (including younger adults with disabilities), and images updated to use Easy Read styling.

Continually evolving

Jamie Stewart, Transformation Manager at Suffolk County Council, said, “Our co-production sessions have been really important to us, to involve both practitioners and citizens in the development of the forms so we can make sure they really work for them. We haven’t yet gone live with the tools, but know we’ll be in a strong position when we do, as all the right people have been involved in their development and implementation”.

Laura McIntyre, Senior Product Manager at Imosphere, said, “It’s been great to see so much engagement from the local authorities we work with – the effort they have taken to involve citizens and carers in their consultations is commendable, and paramount to improving services in the long-term. Imosphere has found the feedback invaluable. As a company, continually evolving our products based on user feedback is so important to us and ensures that we are providing the right tools to support our clients”.

What’s next?

The updated Self-assessment form will be made available to our existing clients over the next few weeks. We will continue to work with local authorities to ensure the form enables them to meet increasing assessment demands, and to support their citizens to meet their needs and outcomes.

If you’d like a demo of the tool, or for any further information, please get in touch.