Formulate for Personal Health Budgets

Continuing Healthcare & Children’s Continuing Care

Formulate is the tool of choice for Integrated Care Boards to provide fair, accurate and financially sustainable budgets to individuals with complex health needs.

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Formulate for PHBs is a market-leading Cloud-based software solution to support the accurate estimation of Personal Health Budgets for people of all ages with complex health needs. Tools are available for children and young people eligible for Continuing Care and joint funding, and adults eligible for Continuing Healthcare.

The overall solution consists of three elements:

  • ‘Needs Profile’ tools for CHC and Children’s CC which carefully capture each individual’s needs, unpaid support levels and living situation.
  • ‘Formulate’ Estimated Budget calculators for CHC and Children’s CC, including local configurability to reflect variation in support costs in each region.
  • ‘Formulate Portal’ intuitive web-based platform for completion of Needs Profiles and calculation of Estimated Budgets via Formulate.

This needs-led solution has been designed to help allocate PHBs fairly, accurately, and consistently across an ICS area, while improving the management of resources and helping to deliver better outcomes.

Working with NHS organisations around England, including:

  • NHS Birmingham & Solihull

  • NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  • NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale

  • NHS Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

  • NHS Sussex

  • NHS Sutton CCG & NHS Greenwich in London

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