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Atmolytics helps you mine, explore, track and visualize
your healthcare data more easily than ever before.

Trusted by healthcare organizations, research centers and universities across the globe

Major applications include

Population Health

Provides unique population health data analytics, helping you design higher quality and efficient services.

Clinical Registries

Build tailored clinical registries and analyze your datasets in a single environment.


Speeds up the ability of researchers to identify patients and gain approval for clinical trials and studies.

Business Intelligence

Putting healthcare BI data discovery and visualization into the hands of people who can make a difference.

Access our dynamic, enterprise level demo environment

Explore sample data and use cases
Create reports and dynamic dashboards
Build a variety of use cases for your organization

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Atmolytics' self-service data mining capabilities go beyond anything I've previously seen or used. It's helping to provide our users with a complete picture of their population and supporting them to discover powerful insights in hours, not months. In some cases, it's shaving years off their research timelines.

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC - Chief Innovation Officer

Clearsense, LLC