FACE Toolsets

Strengths-based Toolset for Adult Social Care

A suite of integrated tools aligned to adult social care workflow and the Care Act, which focus on identifying and encouraging the use of strengths and community assets to maximise independence.

Tools for adults with care needs

Contact and Actions Tool (CAT)

This tool supports an initial, open conversation with an individual or their representative exploring their situation, needs, and personal outcomes, and identifying the best course of action to improve things.

It focuses on identifying strengths, community resources, and other solutions such as reablement, assistive technology, or small one-off payments – before looking at progression to a full assessment.

Building Independent Living Skills (BILS)

This tool facilitates a more in-depth conversation about how local resources such as enablement or reablement, equipment, adaptations, and assistive technology might help the person become more independent before looking at longer-term care and support.

Living Independently with Sensory Needs

An alternative to the BILS, this tool explores an individual’s day-to-day independence in the context of their sensory needs.

It captures the potential to improve independence and skills through sensory-related solutions.

Strengths and Needs Assessment (SANA)

This is the statutory assessment tool within the Toolset and is completed where initial conversations have not fully resolved an individual’s needs and outcomes through short-term actions and provisions.

It is an open-ended and flexible tool that remains focused on enablement and strengths - facilitating determination of Care Act eligibility in a structured format adhering to the principles of the Act.

Needs Profile

The Needs Profile is included only for Local Authorities who have chosen to calculate estimated budgets via Imosphere’s Formulate for Adult Social Care solution.

Care & Support Plan

This tool guides the care and support planning process following determination of eligibility and an estimated budget.

All relevant Care Act principles have been reflected to promote local compliance and the right conversations.

Care & Support Plan Review

Used at the point of unscheduled or scheduled review to look back at the Care & Support Plan and capture progress in each outcome area and how well care arrangements are meeting agreed outcomes. Identifies whether a reassessment is needed.

Tools for carers

The Strengths-based Toolset also caters for unpaid carers - including the following:

  • Carer’s Strengths and Needs Assessment (SANA)
  • Carer’s Needs Profile
  • Carer’s Support Plan
  • Carer’s Support Plan Review