Formulate for SEND

Education Banding Tool

Ensure fair and transparent allocation of high-needs funding with Formulate for SEND.

Formulate for SEND is an Education Banding Tool that captures the needs of pupils requiring top-up funding clearly and consistently, following completion of their EHC Plan.

A better, fairer, and more consistent way to manage funding.

Formulate software screenshot

Needs profile

Build a fair and accurate profile by capturing the pupil’s needs across all key areas that influence the resources required.

A unified list of need statements and provisions ensures a fair and consistent way to capture requirements quickly and easily.

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A fair and accurate model

Formulate combines the answers from the Needs Profile with the configuration decisions made by the Local Authority to determine a fair, consistent and accurate allocation for each pupil.

Formulate software screenshot
Formulate software screenshot


Once a Needs Profile is complete:

  • Quality assurance feedback is firstly provided to highlight any potential inconsistencies.
  • Then, an ‘Education band’ and associated top-up funding amount is calculated based on the individual’s needs.

Formulate software screenshot